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Our Companies

Gulf Techno Floor

Gulf Techno-Floor is the first flat slab flooring company to be established in Qatar. This is a relatively new market but one with a bright future as flat slab concrete floors are critical elements in any industrial facility.

We provide a full range of high quality and cost effective flooring construction services for Industrial Floors, Warehouse Floor for smart logistics centers, large retail centers and the related fields, which require high performance floors with very strict tolerances. We are also able to refurbish, repair and upgrade existing floors in order to meet modern specifications. We specialize in concrete floors, Laser screeds, Densification, Dustproofing, Concrete Polishing & Decorative (Stamped) Concreting.

Incorporated in 2010 we specialize in ‘large pour’ installations the latest innovation mechanical application with S15-R laser screed technology along with 3 additional Copper Head Laser Screed to achieve high flatness tolerances and quality product.

We are committed to providing our clients with performance products and services that will win us not only more business contracts but more importantly, the confidence of our clients.

We use ultra modern high technology machines laser guided screed machines. With these machines, we are able to serve its customers on time.

We provide complete flooring solutions for high tolerance Flat Floors as per International Standards. Our floorings are mainly used in high-bay warehousing, where high-tolerance, very flat floors are essential for the efficient operation of the materials handling equipment used.

Products & Services

The Company has grown and expanded, enjoying a proven reputation for quality and integrity over a wide spectrum of activities such as:

  • Decorative concrete flooring
  • Super flat concrete flooring ( high tolerance floors)
  • Stamped concrete flooring
  • Polished concrete flooring
  • Exposed aggregate concrete flooring
  • Laser Screed Specialist
  • Super flat Joint-less Floors
  • Floor flatness surveying
  • Design & Execution of Grade slabs with Steel Fiber
  • Traditional Steel bar Reinforcement
  • Plate Dowel & Steel Armoured Joints for edge protection
  • Saw Cutting, Dry Shakes & Joint Sealing
  • Densification and Dustproofing
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Floor repair and maintenance