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Gulf Block Factory

In 2007, the MJK Group set up the Gulf Block Factory with an automatic block making machine capable of producing hollow blocks & interlocks.

With a fully-equipped materials laboratory and modern facilities, Gulf Block Factory is a reliable, dependable supplier of hollow blocks & interlocks at very competitive prices.

We can supply quality hollow blocks & interlocks for large or small, residential or industrial / commercial applications.

Our state of the art computer batching system and automatic block making machine is available for production of hollow blocks which can be delivered to any location in Doha / Industrial Area / Al Khor / Ras Laffan within the specified time.

Aggregates, sand & cement used in production are under strict quality control testing to ensure compliance to Qatar National Standards.

We can accommodate any project schedule, including night and weekend deliveries.

In order to keep pace with growing industry demands, we have been regularly investing on our inventory of civil components.